1. My Love Isn't

From the recording Melange

Music and Lyrics by Mike Kelleher

Violin solo by Karin Kelleher

(ASCAP/Ⓟ Kelleher Music LLC)


My love
isn’t gen’rous.
She isn’t bright
or bold.
Her hands
have no warmth
and her laugh
is very cold.
Her arms
hold me loosely
as her eyes
roam the room.
My love
is always leaving
too soon.

I breathe
without passion.
I stutter
and stare.
My hands
search for her arm.
I reach
but it’s not there.
Her kiss
leaves me hopeless
as I stand
on her stoop alone.
Yes, my love
is her own.

My time
is immovable.
When I dream
she’s always there.
She hovers
over the room,
casting shadows
on my chair.
My love
doesn’t tell me
about our lonely
seamless wall
I guess
my love isn’t
a love at all.